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that girl was a walking mishap.

and eyes so bionic she could make you blind.

haley jessica<3
19 May
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(GIRL) haley. artistic. creative. poetess. internet junkie. brunette. 05.19.93. 5'4". resides in dallas. sarcastic. kind. funny. smart. outgoing. loud. opinionated. independent. used to have RAD (respiratory airway disease; tragic, i know.) brown eyes. milado. german. irish. welsh. cherokee. chinese. french.

(LOVES) hot showers. glitter. pill boxes. glamour. the colour pink. combat boots. lava lamps. japan. hello kitty. platform shoes. fashion design. hugs. snuggling. body art. photography. fashion. fetish. dreaming. magic. naughty words. piercings. reading. music. invader zim. fairies. digital art. mix tapes. junk. journals. nerds. sanrio. christina aguilera. green day. ice cream. pizza. meat. veggies. lion cubs. tigers. thrift stores. knitting. creating things. bizarre fashion. elaborate makeup. MAC. halle berry. johnny depp. vanessa paradis. brooke shields. brooke burns. heidi klum. models. fashion shows. pharrell williams (who is my future husband, beesh, so keep off!) sex and the city. desperate housewives. the oc. "emo" glasses. milado people (not saying i like them as a whole.) laguna beach. yellowcard. the 80's. the 60's. marilyn monroe. mary quant. audrey hepburn. lindsay lohan. isaac mizrahi. louis vuitton. coco chanel. switchfoot. tim burton. amy lee. evanescence. taye diggs (yum.) kevin hill. anna nicole. paris hilton.

(HATES) people who chew with their mouths open. nazis. close-minded people. idiots. britney spears. this one commercial in my area. abortion. people who wear fur and think it's harmless. good charlotte, etc.